'High Expectations, lead to High Achievers'

Stay Safe Online - Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it

At Elm Academy we ensure our pupils are prepared for the online world by teaching Internet Safety through  computing, PSHE and assemblies. We have a school wide slogan that all pupils know and are confident with.

Lock it: This is about keeping personal information secure. Do not tell anyone your usernames and passwords.

Block it: Do not click on links, pictures of downloads that you are unsure about. Block nasty messages and tell a grown up.

Show it: Show an adults if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or is inappropriate.

Tell it: Tell an adult if you feel you, or anyone you know, are being bullied or upset online.

Pupils learn about these termly and complete a range of activities based around them. We also promote these further as part of our learning during Safer Internet Day.