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Skills Progression Skills progression documents

For every area of learning, we have carefully mapped out the skills that pupils should acquire during each year group which will allow them to progress successfully through the school. Skills are built on from the EYFS Curriculum through to the end of Year 6 to ensure learning is progressive and pupils consistently have the opportunity to revisit skills learnt in previous year groups and connect new knowledge this knowledge.

With the new Early Years Foundation Stage Profile being released for 2021, we have rewritten our Early Years Skills Progression Documents to ensure they are as up to date and relevant as possible. These are used across our Early Years Setting for pupils in Nursery and Reception The documents below map out and provide clarity on the expectations for different stages within EYFS and highlight how the learning progresses as pupils move through the Foundation Stage, preparing them for Key Stage 1.

CL Skills Progression

EAD Skills Progression

Literacy Skills Progression

Maths Skills Progression

PD Skills Progression

PSED Skills Progression

UW Skills Progression