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'High Expectations, lead to High Achievers'

National Curriculum

At Elm Academy we have based our Curriculum on the National Curriculum but we go above and beyond to excel it in as many ways as possible.

From Years 1-6, all pupils have a half termly topic. Their English and Whole Class Reading are based around their topic as well as any Foundation Subjects that fit meaningfully and purposefully. Every child is taught English, maths, reading/phonics daily and then have science, PSHE, music, computing & PE weekly. History & geography and art & DT are each taught weekly, for three half terms per year and are also planned to link to your child’s topic. RE is often taught in a block at the end of each half term as this is what is recommended by the Diocese.

Research shows that cross-curricular links (linking topics purposefully to the topic for the half term) can improve the quality and depth of pupil understanding which is why we have taken this approach.

All learning is carefully and meticulously planned to ensure it is progressive, with pupils consistently revisiting and building not only on knowledge learnt in their current year group but also in previous ones. On your child’s Knowledge Organiser (in their planners & on the school website) you will see skills they have learnt previously that they will build upon within that area of learning.

Pupils will also complete regular Knowledge Quizzes in school to highlight the knowledge they have retained and any gaps in their understanding to ensure we can address this swiftly.
To ensure the pupils are engaged with their learning, and enjoy what is being taught, we regularly complete pupil interviews and surveys to ask them for their feedback. The most recent ones of these have been overwhelmingly positive with the vast majority of pupils commenting on their love for the  class texts and for their enjoyment of the topics.

In Reception our pupils follow the Early Years curriculum. These children are taught phonics and maths daily with English being taught as part of their topic, in their Special Jobs lessons. These lessons are where the children are taught areas from across the curriculum, and these also link with the children’s topic for that half term. Children can then apply these skills independently during their Play to Learn time. It is the assessments from this child-initiated time that informs the teachers judgements of how well your child understand the concepts taught.

As a school we also aim to cover National Events such as World Book Day, Black History Month and Walk to School Week to help develop our pupils as citizens, as well as developing them academically.

To find out more about the National Curriculum expectations please follow this link –

Our Curriculum Maps document show where and when your child will be taught different elements of the National Curriculum.