'High Expectations, lead to High Achievers'

Knowledge Organisers

At Elm Academy we all have high expectations and we feel that by having high expectations of ourselves and each other, we encourage those around us to have high expectations of themselves. A culture of high expectation leads to the highest achievers as we all thrive to better ourselves. Children and staff are challenged and supported to get the best possible outcomes. Children, with the support of their teacher, set themselves goals and targets which they then challenge themselves to meet.

To ensure all pupils can be challenged effectively we use Knowledge Organisers to develop pupil’s knowledge and vocabulary further. Please find the links below:

KS1 Knowledge Organisers

In KS1 we use Imprint to configure our Knowledge Organisers as it utilises colourful semantics and breaks down the information clearly to support pupils to access it.


Year 1: Materials Toys Materials Great Fire of London Whatever the weather. In the garden Farm Pirates

Year 2: Autumn 1 Science Autumn 2 Science e Spring 1 Science Summer 1 science Summer 2 science


Year 1: Toys Great Fire of London Pirates

Year 2: History Dinosaurs History Titanic History Florence


Year 1:Farm

Year 2: Geography Twisted Tales Geography Australia Geography Oceans

KS2 Knowledge Organisers


Year 3: Year 3 Science Knowledge Organisers

Year 4: Year 4 Science Knowledge Organisers

Year 5: Year 5 Science Knowledge Organisers

Year 6: Under construction


Year 3: Year 3 History Knowledge Organisers

Year 4: Year 4 History Knowledge Organisers

Year 5: Year 5 History Knowledge Organisers

Year 6: Year 6 History Knowledge Organisers


Year 3: Year 3 Geography KOs

Year 4: Year 4 Geography KOs

Year 5: Year 5 Geography KOs

Year 6: Year 6 Geography KOs


Reading Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 1 Reading Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 2 Reading Knowledge Organiser – Spring 1 Reading Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2 Reading Knowledge Organiser – Summer 1 Reading Knowledge Organiser – Summer 2

Year 4: Year 4 – Reading Knowledge Organisers

Year 5: Year 5 – Reading Knowledge Organisers

Year 6: Year 6 – Reading Knowledge Organisers