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History at Elm Academy Supporting all pupils to be historians

History Intent, Implementation and Impact

History Skills Progression & End Points

History Strategy

When teaching history at Elm Academy we aim to develop pupils’ chronological knowledge and understanding, encourage historical enquiry, develop historical interpretation, look at continuity and change over time, explore similarities and differences, and look at cause and consequence. To enable our pupils to do this effectively we teach key historical periods in KS1 and then teach the KS2 curriculum in chronological order.

Elm’s History Timeline:








We aim to offer as many real life experiences as possible to support and enhance our history curriculum. This can include educational visits, artefacts and visitors.

As an Academy, we unpicked key historical concepts, along with key skills that the pupils need to understand to become confident historians and ensured they were carefully mapped out against our Medium Term Plans.

Whole School History progression linked MTP

To engage pupils further we offer WOW Days where pupils have the opportunity to come into school dressed up and complete a range of activities linked to their history topic for that half term.

Black History Month