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'High Expectations, lead to High Achievers'

Curriculum Maps An overview of what each year group learns throughout the year.

Our curriculum is meticulously planned to offer pupils a wide range of topics whilst ensuring skills are learn progressively and are built upon throughout pupils’ time at Elm. Please follow the links below to see the Curriculum Maps for each year group. This provides you with key information about what the pupils will be learning in each year group.

Curriculum Project Map Nursery

Curriculum Project Map Reception

Curriculum Project Map Year 1

Curriculum Project Map Year 2

Curriculum Project Map Year 3

Curriculum Project Map Year 4

 Curriculum Project Map Year 5

Curriculum Project Map Year 6

At Elm Academy we are very proud of our broad and diverse reading curriculum. We aim to develop pupils’ cultural capital by ensuring we expose them to as many different cultures and different ways of living as possible through our carefully planned, vast curriculum. This map shows all the different countries pupils will earn about during their time at Elm Academy, across a range of subjects – Curriculum World Map