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'High Expectations, lead to High Achievers'

Art at Elm Academy Supporting all pupils to be artists

Art and Design Intent, Implementation and Impact

Our pupils are extremely proud of their sketch books, highlighting the artistic processes they have learnt in the lead up to creating a piece of art.

We teach pupils about a wide variety of artists whilst developing their technique across a range of skillsĀ  including; drawing, block printing, painting, clay and sculpture. Our hope is that pupils have the ability to master the different techniques, applying their newly learnt skills to interpret different artists’ work. Children experiment with the use of colour, texture, form, line, shape, pattern and different materials/media.








We believe art allows the child to develop their imagination and creativity, to make connections through their inventive minds and gives children the skills to record their imagination and ideas. We plan a range of integrated experiences carefully planned to fit in with our topics in order for children to develop a range of skills in a meaningful and purposeful way.

As the children progress through school, art experiences are built upon so the children can make decisions about their approach to different challenges. Drawing skills are used to support many other subjects, for example designs to support design and technology projects and illustrations to support writing, and as such are very important aspects of how the children record their knowledge in a different way.