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Telephone: 01202 574212
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The group of parents/carers at the Elm Academy LeAF Campus meet up regularly and discuss what we are aiming for and how near we are to achieving our goals. We like to bring in new ideas and, to assist us with this, we have also had communication with fundraisers at other schools and businesses in order to help give us a different perspective. Our first project was for a new football kit which didn't take too long as we were fortunate to receive a little help from a local company.

We have decided that our second aim is to raise funds for extra equipment for the playground. We are a small, friendly, PFA and we would love others to come along to see what we are all about and help bring new ideas to the table. We also have a Facebook page so people can also follow what we are doing on there.

Please do come and join us and support the PFA as all our efforts are for the benefit of all the children here in the school