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Hospital Radio Bedside

On Good Friday, Adrian's Hospital Radio Bedside morning show was an Elm Academy special.

We had been producing our contributions for 3 weeks and Adrian recorded us performing one afternoon. We listened to our work through head phones. 

A fortnight later, Adrian gave us all a CD of our recordings. Our contributions included:

Sundari - discussing her knitting

Reece - Wacky headlines

Rachel - sang Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

Brendan - How to cope with a little brother

Lewis and Amir - Tech talk

Caydan, Brendan, Liam, William and Lewis - jokes

Lesley, Charlie, Rachel, Isobel, Ellie, Victoria, Krystal and Sydney all sang 'All About That Base by Meghan Trainor'. 

We were all pleased with ourselves when we listened to the recordings and were impressed with the quality of the sound.

We are looking forward to working with Adrian again soon.

By Lesley and Lewis (Year 5 pupils)