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Staff at the CSE Citation Centre at Hurn Airport recently welcomed two groups of children from Elm Academy. John, Vivienne and Adrian gave us a guided tour of the hangars and patiently answered our questions.

"I saw a jet engine that cost a million dollars, it was really smooth."

"We watched the undercarriage go up and down, I heard it clunk as it locked into position."

"I had never been in a Citation jet before. I was surprised that it was so cramped."

We watched engineers stripping down a jet that had come in from Nigeria, the overhaul is going to take a month, We learned about the control surfaces, the de-ice boots and the pitot tubes. 

"We saw the largest executive jet in the world and a Guppy that hasn't flown for ten years."

"We heard the bird scarer, the fire engines and the police helicopter."

We spent a memorable time looking at an ex Red Arrow, a Folland Gnat, before taking photographs and thanking our hosts for giving us a fascinating glimpse of their work.